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New Jersey Dems Approved Big Subsidies To Land a Foreign-Built Offshore Wind Farm. It Fell Apart Anyway.

Danish company ├śrsted scraps projects planned for Atlantic City coast

November 1, 2023

Biden-Backed New Jersey Wind Farm Will Raise Electric Bills, Experts Say

Foreign company Orsted is set to receive $1 billion in green energy subsidies to complete controversial project

July 14, 2023

No Sun, No Wind, Big Problem: Benign Weather Could Cause Blackouts in States With Green Grids, Officials Warn

State, federal officials say increase in green power, decrease in gas and coal could bring catastrophe

May 18, 2023

Biden Wind Farm Plans Imperil Military Operations, Pentagon Says

POTUS must decide if fighting so-called climate change is bigger priority than fighting America's actual enemies

April 18, 2023

Democrats Are 'Saving the Environment' by Killing Whales

NJ governor refuses to halt wind farm project linked to seven whale deaths since December

January 18, 2023

De Blasio's Gas Stove Ban Was Intended To Help the Environment. Experts Say It'll Backfire.

The city is trying to help minorities and the environment at the same time. It's ended up hurting both.

May 3, 2022

Obama Co-Conspirator Finally Brought to Justice for Role in Bald Eagle Wind Farm Genocide

Energy firm admits guilt in bird murder case, former POTUS remains at large

April 7, 2022