People Magazine Embroiled in Yet Another Hillary Clinton Age Scandal

Right-wing editorial agenda exposed?

Covered in scandal.
November 12, 2015

PEOPLE magazine has injected itself into another Hillary Clinton scandal involving the candidate's advanced age, a move that has reinforced the suspicions of critics who accuse the publication of pursuing a crypto right-wing agenda.

The latest scandal came to light after investigative reporter Matthew Drudge produced compelling evidence to suggest that Hillary Clinton, 68, wears a wig.


PEOPLE magazine promptly pounced on the controversy by soliciting comment from a person claiming to be Hillary's hair stylist. The individual, allegedly named "Santa Nikkels," dismissed Drudge's reporting, but declined to provide exculpatory proof.

"You guys are so funny," Santa Nikkels, owner of Santa's Hair Salon in Chappaqua, New York, where Clinton lives, tells PEOPLE.

"She has the most amazing hair in the world."

What was ostensibly an effort by PEOPLE to refute the Drudge investigation has only served to raise further questions about the Democratic frontrunner's integrity and hair-acter, so to speak. It's not the first time PEOPLE has launched a subtle attack on Hillary. In June 2014, the magazine published its now infamous cover featuring the candidate leaning against what many still believe to be an old person's walker. PEOPLE attempted to "deny" the walker usage, but ended up bolstering the claims of critics alleging that the magazine had been co-opted by the vast right-wing conspiracy apparatus.

We may never know the truth.