PEOPLE Magazine Denies Clinton Walker Use, Raising Further Questions

Releases suspicious photo

June 4, 2014

PEOPLE Magazine has formally denied allegations that Hillary Clinton is using an old person’s walker on the cover of its latest issue:

"Secretary Clinton is standing next to a patio chair in the backyard of her home where the photo shoot took place! I have also attached another photo from the shoot—thanks for checking in on this," Nancy Valentino, a senior vice president of communications at Time Inc., which owns People, wrote to Business Insider in an email.

However, the celeb mag declined to address a damning Free Beacon analysis indicating that PEOPLE is waging a subtle attack on the 66-year-old former Secretary of State and Goldman Sachs affiliate.

What are they trying to say, exactly?
What are they trying to say, exactly?

Meanwhile, the photo provided to support PEOPLE’s denial, while it does show Clinton appearing to walk without assistance, is also inexplicably grainy, out of focus, and devoid of color–unlikely to satisfy skeptics. What's REALLY going on here?

(via Business Insider/PEOPLE Magazine)
(via Business Insider/PEOPLE Magazine)

Full disclosure: the Washington Free Beacon is an anti-Clinton website.

UPDATE: The Free Beacon has obtained the following "raw" photo from a source. Draw your own conclusions.


UPDATE II: Twitter user @youneedabath raises an interesting point:

UPDATE III: @AceofSpadesHQ offers another compelling explanation: