Harry Reid MUST ACT NOW on Climate Change Legislation

Planet Earth Deserves a Vote

Harry Reid refuses to act on climate change.
May 13, 2014

Democrats are eager to declare part 1 of the climate change debate over (Is it real? What’s causing it? And so on). SCIENCE has spoken.

Fine. Part 2 of the debate (what to do about climate change) is the only one that actually matters.

Democrats would rather not acknowledge the distinction between the two. To acknowledge that climate change is real and man-made, they argue, is to acknowledge the necessity of a massive, government-imposed solution that would cost trillions of dollars.

As usual, there is a huge disconnect between Democratic rhetoric on climate change, and the concrete action Democrats are willing to take. Climate change is a GRAVE THREAT, they say, WE MUST ACT NOW. The ice caps are melting. Florida is drowning. WE ARE ALL DOOMED.

If that’s how liberals really feel, then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) should waste no time bringing major climate-change legislation to the floor for a vote. The Democrats have already written a cap-and-trade bill, and it would cost around $650 billion. Holding an actual vote on cap-and-trade would be far more meaningful than just talking about climate change when the rest of the country is asleep.

Or, Democrats could champion the new carbon dioxide limits the Obama administration want to impose via executive action. They could simply write them into legislation and put that on the floor, too. Reid could also urge an immediate vote on binding legislation to prohibit—for all time—construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

What is he waiting for?

Every Democrat who voted for these measures could count on the generous financial support of left-wing eco-billionaire Tom Steyer. Obama could lend his powerful oratory to the effort by giving a speech. And if Harry Reid is truly serious about combating climate change, he could change Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster altogether and push through major legislation by simple majority.

What is he waiting for? Planet Earth deserves a vote.

(photo via Twitter user @FardigJudith)
(photo via Twitter user @FardigJudith)