Donald Trump Should Pick an Illegal Immigrant as a Running Mate

Winning ticket.
• September 9, 2015 5:32 pm


No one disputes that Donald Trump can win the White House. The more compelling question, in the minds of many experts, is whether he can become the first candidate since George Washington to win by unanimous electoral college vote. That's a very real possibility, but it's going to require some bold campaign maneuvers.

Trump has been attacked relentlessly for his controversial remarks about immigration. One way to silence that criticism would be to select an illegal immigrant as his running mate. It’s an idea so bold Hillary Clinton wouldn’t even bother to have it focused grouped. It would arm Trump with an insurmountable rejoinder: "If I hate immigrants so much how come I hired an illegal to be my running mate?"

Great question.

In addition to having illegally immigrated to the United States, Trump’s future running mate should also have solid conservative credentials, executive experience, and a reputation for Telling It Like It Is. You might ask: Is there anyone who can possibly satisfy all these requirements? Fortunately, there is, and his name isn’t Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump should select former Toronto mayor Robert Bruce "Rob" Ford to be his running mate. Ford should cross into the United States—via a border of his choosing—as soon possible. The duo should announce their candidacy at an appropriate venue, such as Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, or the USS Ronald Reagan.

Ford is the perfect fit to be Trump’s vice president because they have both endured unfair "gotcha" attacks at the hands of a biased media—Trump for not being able to answer specific foreign policy questions, Ford for smoking crack on camera. Ford's reputation as a charismatic alcoholic would make him a relatable companion for Trump, who doesn’t drink. Neither man would ever let "political correctness" stop them from speaking their minds.

Ford’s experience as the successful conservative mayor of a large city like Toronto is just the sort of thing that a superior manager like Trump would covet in a right-hand man. Ford could also help Trump make inroads with America’s burgeoning Canadaphile demographic, and solidify support among voters who want an administration that Fights and Wins. Ford may not be as rich as Trump, but at 46, he is considerably younger and more in touch with the millennial generation than Hillary Clinton will ever be.

Pish posh, you might say. The 12th Amendment to the Constitution clearly states that the vice president must be a natural born citizen who has resided in the United States for at least 14 years. But America didn’t achieve its period of Greatness (1776-2008) by playing by the "rules." Trump will deploy his management expertise to hire incredible lawyers to solve this "problem."

The 12th Amendment didn't stop Barack Obama from becoming president, and it won’t stop Rob Ford from becoming the second illegal immigrant in history to be listed on a winning ticket next November, when Trump-Ford will sweep Sanders-Yeezus in the greatest electoral trouncing of all time.

It was immigrants who made our country great; it’s only fitting that an immigrant would help us make it great again.