FACT CHECK: CNN Hack Says 'Gears' of Biden's Brain 'Are Working'

VERDICT: Claim lacks context, is contradicted by available evidence

Democrats are beginning to worry that Joe Biden, the 79-year-old who over the weekend fell off a bicycle, is "too old" to be president. Meanwhile, some journalists are defending the Democratic president because that is what comes naturally to them. CNN's John Harwood, for example, denounced the "false" claim that Biden is "not mentally in tune with the demands of the job." Aides and reporters who interact with the president, Harwood said, can see that "the gears of his mind are working."


Video evidence compiled by the Washington Free Beacon suggests Harwood's claim lacks context at the very least. Biden's inability to string together a chain of coherent thoughts while speaking in public would suggest the claim is blatantly exaggerated. Harwood's credibility is significantly compromised, given his history of being a Democratic Party hack who routinely sought advice from Hillary Clinton's campaign manager during the 2016 campaign. "What should I ask Jeb?" Harwood wrote in an email to John Podesta in September 2015.

Verdict: We rate this claim 3.5 Clintons.