DERANGED: Liberals Scramble To Blame Trump for Hamas Atrocities

#Resistance will rot your brain

October 9, 2023

What happened: Hamas terrorists murdered hundreds in a coordinated attack on Israel over the weekend.

What happened next: While some American liberals celebrated the anti-Semitic atrocities by partying in the streets of Manhattan, others scrambled to deflect attention from their terrorist allies by insisting (without evidence) that Donald Trump was to blame.

• Thomas Hartmann, a liberal radio host who worked for the Russian propaganda network RT, wrote that Hamas "probably" learned how to evade Israel's Iron Dome defenses from Iran, which "almost certainly" learned it from Russia, and it "sure looks like" Russia received the information directly from Trump.

Crucial context: This is bulls—t. Hartmann was referring to a Washington Post report about Trump allegedly sharing classified information with Russian officials during a meeting at the White House in 2017. The intelligence information was reportedly provided by Israel and involved a plot by the Islamic State terrorist group.

What they're saying: Hartmann was hardly the only deranged lib to peddle this baseless accusation. Trump's niece, liberal activist Mary Trump, said her uncle "likely" divulged Israeli "national security secrets" to Russian president Vladimir Putin, who ultimately passed it to Hamas to facilitate the attack.

• Hollywood lib Rob Reiner mused: "Does anyone one think that Trump showing Classified Israeli Intelligence to [Russian foreign minister Sergey] Lavrov in the Oval Office played any part in the Intelligence failure that led to the horrors were now witnessing?"

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin implied there was a link between the Hamas attack and reports that Trump possessed a classified document regarding U.S. plans for an attack on Iran, the terror group's chief sponsor. "Think of the treachery and the danger," she wrote.

• Social media user @cooltxchick, a.k.a. "Mike Pence's Other Mother," a self-described "Resister," "Traitor Hater," and "Sexual Anarchist," wondered if Trump could be sued by Israeli victims for enabling the Hamas attack, or be prosecuted for war crimes at The Hague.

• Mikel Jollett, a liberal activist and crappy indie band frontman, insisted that Hamas used information provided by Trump to launch the attack on Israel. "The Republican Party has blood on its hands," he wrote. "Trump enabled Hamas."

Bottom line: Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. The #Resistance will rot your brain.