WFB EXCLUSIVE: We Finally Found a 'Free Palestine' Protester Who Is Actually Kind of Hot

We love her. She's an idiot.

April 30, 2024

Like most Americans, we watched in horror in the past several weeks as student protesters set up camp at universities across the country and called for the elimination of Israel. The ensuing chaos on campus raised a number of troubling questions about the health of our "elite" institutions, such as

• What is wrong with these people?
• Why haven't they been expelled?
• Why are they all so ugly?

The Washington Free Beacon spent days analyzing news coverage, social media posts, mug shots, and other photos in an effort to find at least one conventionally attractive idiot among the anti-Semitic mob. Demoralized and exhausted, we almost threw in the keffiyeh. Then we saw footage from the University of Texas, where authorities arrested dozens earlier this week after using pepper spray and flash-bang explosives to disperse the agitators.

One of them was pretty hot, our exclusive analysis determined. Enjoy!

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