ALERT: Your Wife Is Begging Rick Wilson to Come Over

Lincoln Project founder uses sexual prowess to humiliate critics. Are you next?

October 19, 2022

Consider yourself warned: Rick Wilson, the Lincoln Project schlub best known for posting more than 354,000 times on the social-networking platform Twitter, is going to steal your wife. She is probably sending him nude photos, begging him to come over, or sneaking out of his house at this very moment.

The former delinquent taxpayer admitted as much in a conversation with one of his many critics on Tuesday. After Twitter user The Phantastic Pharter called him "dickhead of the year," Wilson fired back with a devastating retort: "And yet your wife still keeps begging to come over so she can finally experience an orgasm."

It wasn't the first time Wilson has boasted of using his sexual expertise to seduce the wife of a fellow Twitter user. On numerous occasions, the Lincoln Project founder has humiliated male rivals by revealing their wives' insatiable lust for him:

• "Dude, I can't stop your wife from sending nudes into my DMs."

• "And yet your wife keeps sending me her awkward nudes."

• "[I pull my pants down] when your wife drops by for her morning and afternoon visits."

• "Well, your wife finally had an orgasm, so there's that."

• "[Y]our wife begged for [my d—] in all those DMs."

• "[Y]our wife keeps sending nudes. Not very good ones, but she's at least enthusiastic."

• "I rely on your wife's discretion." 

• "I know how obsessed you are with my penis, but I've told you before that your wife got here first." 

• "Ask your wife [what I taste like]." 

• "Speaking of riding crotch, your wife just left. Try her cell." 

The Lincoln Project is an anti-Trump super PAC best known for its shady financial practices and the sexual predation of its disgraced co-founder John Weaver. It is dedicated to restoring honor and decency to American politics. Its senior leaders believe Donald Trump is an existential threat to American democracy, which is why they spend millions of dollars on targeted ads for the sole purpose of persuading Trump to run again.

Because its efforts to elect Democratic politicians in statewide races have failed so miserably, the Lincoln Project was the first entity to receive a Washington Free Beacon endorsement for the 2022 election cycle.