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Generational Wealth: Lincoln Project Hires Cofounder's Son

Rick Wilson's nepo baby is corporate consultant for daddy's super PAC

August 2, 2023

Steve Schmidt’s Ex-Wife Says He Owes Her Over $100K and Wants Him Jailed for Contempt

Court docs reveal messy divorce now involves political operative’s ritzy golf club membership

November 18, 2022

'A Gain for OnlyFans': MSNBC Commentator Suggests Republican Congresswoman Is Porn Star

Rep. Lauren Boebert's potential electoral defeat 'might be a gain for OnlyFans,' said Kurt Bardella

November 10, 2022

ALERT: Your Wife Is Begging Rick Wilson to Come Over

Lincoln Project founder uses sexual prowess to humiliate critics. Are you next?

October 19, 2022