Wannabe Soldier Max Boot Insults Army Veterans

ANALYSIS: Does wearing a fancy top hat indoors to conceal your unsightly bald dome make you dumber?

July 20, 2022

Washington Post columnist Max Boot wears a fancy top hat—indoors and outdoors—to conceal his freakish bald head. It may or may not be making him dumber, given the profoundly stupid tweet he posted while attempting to insult a group of veterans who actually did serve their country in uniform.

"Just imagine how all these right-wingers would have reacted with horror if they had been around when Harry Truman desegregated the military," Boot wrote on Twitter, the social networking platform. "Now that was woke!"

Boot's ridiculous and racially charged comment came in response to a New York Post op-ed written by Jason Church, a retired U.S. Army captain. Church argued that our military should focus more on preparing for armed conflict with bad actors around the world and less on embracing the "diversity, equity, and inclusion" ethos of government bureaucrats.

"The Navy is producing instructional videos on gender pronouns while its poorly maintained ships crash at sea," wrote Church, citing a Washington Free Beacon report. He also suggested—quite reasonably—that lowering the military's physical fitness standards in the name of "inclusivity" was not a good thing. Other changes designed to make the military more "woke," Church argued, have "weakened training, lowered morale," and "diminish[ed] the fighting spirit, cohesiveness, and reputation of America's Armed Forces."

Boot, who never served in the military but has written several books about war, had responded with the cerebral heft of a Salon commenter, and Church let him know it. "With respect to @MaxBoot, this is beneath you and the Post," he wrote. "We are right to be worried about politicizing the military and @VeteransOnDuty will voice these concerns. Smugly dismissing this as bigotry is cheap and wrong."

Church, who joined the Army in 2011 and received a Purple Heart in Afghanistan, is the chairman of Veterans on Duty, a national membership organization dedicated to "exposing how the woke revolution in the services works" and compelling the military to "get back to basics" by electing like-minded policymakers.

Jeremy C. Hunt, a black Army veteran and member of the Veterans on Duty board, also blasted Boot's smug commentary. "We care about a military that wins," he wrote in response to Boot's tweet. "If you want an example of modern segregation in the military, look no further than the Biden administration's racist [diversity, equity, and inclusion] protocols that you defend."

Boot attempted to defend himself, once again channeling the intellectual rigor of the Salon comments section. "Diversity makes the military stronger," he wrote. "Will you criticize Trump as well as Biden?"

Church, Hunt, and their fellow Veterans on Duty members fought for democracy by defending their country against foreign enemies. Boot "fights for democracy" by writing boring columns in the Post.

On Sunday, for example, Boot defended Biden's meeting with bone-saw dictator Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, whom the president once pledged to make a "pariah" until flip-flopping as soon as rising gas prices threatened Democratic prospects in the midterm elections.

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