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Biden Set to Grade Military On Its 'Efforts to Advance Environmental Justice'

New 'Environmental Justice Scorecard' tracks DOD's work to fight climate change, address 'historically overburdened communities'

April 21, 2023

'Once In A Generation Crisis': Vets Blame Biden's Focus on Woke Priorities for Low Military Recruitment Numbers

Biden's Pentagon has pumped around $114 million into diversity, equity, and inclusion programs

March 28, 2023

Bat Bombs Over Tokyo: The Hits and Misses of the OSS

REVIEW: 'The Dirty Tricks Department: Stanley Lovell, the OSS, and the Masterminds of World War II Secret Warfare'

March 19, 2023

GOP Hawks Say the Only Thing Cut From the Pentagon Will Be 'Wokeness'

'I can't think of a worse time to cut defense spending than now,' Rep. Mike Gallagher says

March 1, 2023

Biden Admin Buys U.S. Navy Luxury Bidet Equipped With 'Effective Enema Function'

Bio Bidet's BB-1000 has 'the absolute strongest spray pressure of any electronic bidet seat on the market.'

December 12, 2022