Women for Trump at Pa. Rally: ‘Four More Years’

'All Aboard the Trump Train, Choo, Choo!'

Approximately 1,000 women donning Make America Great Again hats, patriotic apparel, and waving flags chanted "four more years" and "USA, USA" at the official launch of the Woman for Trump rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Don’t Spread on Me: Joe Biden, Feminist Hero

Former Vice President Joe Biden is under fire ahead of his expected entry into the already crowded 2020 Democratic primary field. His record on racial issues has been deemed problematic. His efforts to recruit Stacey Abrams as his running mate were seen as “exploitative.” Most recently, Biden has been accused of unwanted touching by multiple female associates.

Secret Service Agent Who Decried Taking ‘a Bullet’ for Trump Helps Organize ‘Womxn’s’ March

Sources: O'Grady told agents she escaped discipline, will leave after reaching retirement milestone

The senior Secret Service agent who said she did not want to take "a bullet" for President Trump and was removed from her leadership post nearly two years ago is helping organize a "Womxn's" March on Denver January 19th as a member of the event's executive leadership team, according to the march's website.