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Columbia Group Behind 'Resistance 101' Event Urges Members To Stonewall University Investigation as School Promises Disciplinary Action for Refusal To Cooperate

Administrators spar with Columbia University Apartheid Divest ahead of campus anti-Semitism congressional hearing

April 4, 2024

Columbia University Opens Investigation Into Israeli Prof Who Criticized Response to Anti-Semitism

'I spoke up against the university. And now the university is weaponizing an internal investigation to silence me,' says Shai Davidai

March 8, 2024

Ivy League Journalism School Hires Liberal Hack to Lead 'Ethics' Department

Katie Couric, notoriously unethical journalist, praised the move

January 2, 2024

Top DeSantis Challenger Paid Thousands to Gen Z Liberal Activist Facing 'Campus-Wide Allegations of Sexual Assault'

Florida Democrat Charlie Crist hired Jack Cocchiarella after college Dems chapter ousted young activist over troubling allegations

August 9, 2022