She Persisted: Kamala Harris Won't Be Distracted by Free Beacon Kitchenware Bombshell

VP slams 'ridiculous' investigation into Parisian pot scandal

Vice President Kamala Harris at an élite Parisian store / Getty Images
December 13, 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris was finally forced to confront the Washington Free Beacon's bombshell report on her extravagant cookware spending spree in Paris last month. Her response is unlikely to assuage critics who were offended by the VP's flagrant display of opulence at a time when most hardworking American families are struggling to make ends meet.

The Free Beacon bombshell was "ridiculous," Harris said during a softball interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, the media outlet responsible for such headlines as "Kamala Harris has redecorated the VP's office. Here's the meaning behind her choices" and "Kamala Harris is the highest-ranking mom ever in U.S. politics. Here's why that matters." Harris vowed to focus on those and other positive headlines rather than be distracted by hard-hitting news that raised serious questions about her patriotism.

Though Harris "sidestepped" questions about the spate of high-profile staff departures from the VP's office amid reports of her tyrannical leadership style, she did address the Free Beacon investigation into her visit to E. Dehillerin, an élite Parisian kitchenware establishment with multiple American competitors. Instead of "buying local" and boosting the U.S. economy, or donating turkeys to American families in need, Harris dropped $600 on fancy French cooking accessories.

"Oh, how about, 'She's going to buy a pot on her way to the airport,'" Harris huffed, "after a very significant and highly successful bilateral meeting in France on issues that are about national security, on issues that are about climate, on issues that are about what we are doing in terms of international norms and rules on everything from cyber to space. Come on."

At the time, Harris ignored the Free Beacon's request for comment on the cookware scandal. Perhaps she was under the impression that what happens in France should stay in France. As a media outlet dedicated to holding our elected leaders accountable, we humbly disagree. The Free Beacon will continue to pursue this story, wherever it may lead.