Biden's War on Black Female Excellence

'Segregation Joe' refuses to take a seat, thinks his legacy is more important than racial harmony

(Getty Images)
July 9, 2024

President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump squabbled during last month's infamous debate about who had a better record on black employment. They needn't have bothered, because the answer is clear.

In an effort to safeguard his so-called legacy, the career politician sometimes referred to as "Sleepy Joe" or "Segregation Joe" is waging war on Black female excellence. In the past week alone, Biden has personally eliminated at least one Black job.

Andrea Lawful-Sanders, the Philadelphia radio host who interviewed the president last week, was forced to resign after she inadvertently exposed the inner workings of the Biden campaign's media operation. Her former employer, WURD Radio, said Lawful-Sanders secretly agreed to ask "pre-determined questions provided by the White House" during the interview. The Biden campaign, not the White House, acknowledged sending a list of softball questions to Lawful-Sanders for "approval."

Despite his campaign's best efforts to make the interview as easy as possible, Biden failed to reassure the vast majority of Americans concerned about his cognitive health. At one point he described himself as the "first Black woman to serve with a Black president." (Fact check: Biden is an old white man clinging to power; he is literally the only thing standing in the way of America's first Black woman president.)

Biden, 81, insists he is "the most qualified person" to beat Trump in the election, but his refusal to step down and let Vice President Kamala Harris take over as the Democratic nominee is disappointing if not downright disgusting. It suggests he doesn't think a Black woman is qualified to do his job, that he picked Harris to be his running mate as a meaningless gesture of diversity and nothing more.

The president's wife, Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D., was reportedly pissed at Harris (and probably still is) for calling her husband racist during a 2020 primary debate. Harris attacked Biden's record of working with segregationist lawmakers to block federal efforts to integrate schools by busing. Dr. Jill probably thinks her desire to appear on the cover of fancy fashion magazines is more important than racial harmony and the end to structural inequality. She's wrong. It's not more important, and neither is her husband's legacy.

This is not OK.