SLAY QUEEN: Vogue Cover Girl Jill Biden Says $1500 Cashmere Dresses Are Her 'Go-To Clothes'

First lady rejects concerns about husband's fitness to serve after debate disaster

July 1, 2024

President Joe Biden's debate performance last week shocked the journalists and other Democratic supporters who had pretended not to notice his significant cognitive decline. Anxious donors attempted to reach out to Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D., widely regarded as her husband's top political adviser, in an effort to persuade the president to drop out.

These anxious Democrats got their answer on Monday, when Vogue magazine unveiled the cover of its August issue: Jill Biden posing defiantly in a Ralph Lauren dress and Irene Neuwirth earrings. "We will continue to fight," the first lady told Vogue from Camp David, where the Biden family gathered over the weekend to rally support for the president.

Vogue journalist Maya Singer described Dr. Jill as someone with profound "empathy for Americans who are frustrated." The claim is repeatedly undermined throughout the lengthy profile. For example, Dr. Jill suffered a "temper spark" while ranting about average Americans who are too dumb to appreciate everything her husband has done for them.

"If people knew what Joe's done," the first lady seethed. "If they knew all of that—I mean, the bridge is being built in their city and they don't know who did it. They don't know who's getting the lead out of their water. They don't know who's stopping the pipeline going through the parklands. They don't know."

Later on in the profile, after attempting to empathize with Americans concerned about inflation, Dr. Jill explains that her "go-to clothes for traveling" are knit cashmere dresses from luxury fashion designer Gabriela Hearst, which retail for $1,550 a piece. She wore one of these dresses in a photo shoot for the August 2023 issue of Women's Health.

The Amor knit dresses in cashmere silk cost $1,550 a piece. Dr. Jill told Vogue she has them in all nine colors available, which works out to a hefty price tag of $13,950 for travel clothes. That is roughly 20 percent of the median household income in the United States.

Given her husband's inability to function as president, Dr. Jill might be the most powerful individual in the world right now. But you can rest assured knowing that she feels your pain.


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