Report: Christian Persecution Reaches New Levels, Worse to Come

Prison, torture, and rape used against Christians across the globe

Christian persecution across the globe has reached a new high in modern times and the worse may be yet to come, according to a report from the Christian watchdog group Open Doors. The group issued their latest World Watch List, which ranks countries based on their hostility to christians, yesterday. They said their research indicated worldwide persecution of Christians was particularly rampant last year and only increasing.

Obama Touts More Risky Home Loans

New policy is bad news for taxpayers, lawmakers and experts say

President Barack Obama announced a new measure on Thursday to make mortgages more affordable for low-income homebuyers, a policy that could heighten risk in a still struggling housing market.

Marriage Still Increases Happiness, Study Shows

Sociological research has long associated the institution of marriage as a positive factor when evaluating a couple's well being. Some argue that married people are happier, but others argue that people that are already social, happy people tend to be the type to get married.

Obama Leaves Phoenix Without Visiting Scandal Plagued Facility

Veterans disappointed as Obama delivers speech one mile away from Phoenix VA hospital

President Obama visited Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday, to deliver remarks and announce new housing proposals in a speech at Central High School, but did not visit the Veteran Affairs facility that was minutes away.

Brandeis Slaps Student Journalist with New Punishment

'No contact order' issued in response to article

A Brandeis University student journalist unsuccessfully prosecuted for “harassment” by university officials has now been slapped with a “no contact order” restricting his movement on campus, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.