AP, CNN Under Fire for Kowtowing to Terrorists

News orgs refuse to show cartoons that sparked murderous Islamist rampage

AP's cropped photo of Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane CharbonnierThe Associated Press and other media outlets are coming under fire for censoring photos of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that Islamist radicals used to justify a terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine’s office on Wednesday.

Iran Activates ‘Real Iron Dome’ Missile Defense System

Claims to have built ‘the world’s first missile evading drone’

Hassan RouhaniIranian officials are touting the efficiency of a newly activated national missile defense system that has been dubbed Iran’s “real Iron Dome,” a reference to the joint U.S.-Israeli missile shield that protects the Jewish state from incoming terrorist rockets.

Cuba Resists Release of Several Detainees

Raul Borges, 74, holds a picture of his son Ernesto Borges in his house in Havana January 2, 2015.WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Cuban government is resisting the release of several of the 53 people the U.S. government has said were to be freed as part of a thaw in relations, linking them to acts of violence, a congressional aide told Reuters.