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Ellison Barber is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon, where she pens a daily column "Ellison's Must Read of the Day" and a weekly "Sunday Show Roundup." As a reporter, she covers Capitol Hill. Ellison is a frequent guest on Fox News Channel, and Fox Business Network. She is a former contributor at The Blaze. She graduated from Wofford College, has great taste in music, and currently lives in Washington, D.C. Her twitter handle is @ellisonbarber.

Kayla Mueller

Arizona Lawmakers React to Death of Kayla Mueller

Last known American ISIS hostage killed, family and White House confirm

February 10, 2015

Schieffer, Republicans Criticize Admin’s ISIS Strategy

CBS Host: admin isn’t prepared to do what’s necessary to stop ISIS

February 8, 2015

Walker: Don’t Bet Against Me in 2016

Wisconsin's governor neither confirms nor denies intent to run for president

February 1, 2015

New Details of Delays at Phoenix VA

The VA has not taken corrective action to address problems in urological care, despite learning of them five months ago

January 30, 2015

White House Defends Embattled Counterterrorism Strategy

Denis McDonough endorses White House plans as Yemen slides into chaos

January 25, 2015

Charlie Hebdo EIC Blasts Media for Cowardice

Gerard Biard: cartoons ‘symbol of freedom of speech’

January 18, 2015

Holder Refuses to Say U.S. is at War with Radical Islam

Sunday Shows discuss terrorist attacks in Paris

January 11, 2015

Obama Leaves Phoenix Without Visiting Scandal Plagued Facility

Veterans disappointed as Obama delivers speech one mile away from Phoenix VA hospital

January 8, 2015