Alabama Dem Chair Got Stuck on Her Toilet, Told Everybody About it for Christmas

Nancy Worley, toilet / AP
• January 8, 2015 11:55 am


The chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, Nancy Worley, did not have a good 2014.

It hit rock bottom when she got stuck on her toilet. After being lodged on the toilet for hours, she made the decision to upgrade from a 14 inch seat to the tallest-available 17 inch seat. She also installed a pull-up bar on her bathroom wall.

The world knows all this because Worley decided to include her toilet seat folly in her annual holiday letter to Democrats across the state of Alabama.

The letter was then shared to the world by Kyle Whitmire at, who writes that he had initially decided that he would keep the letter to himself and hope that the "nightmares" caused to him by the thought of Worley stuck on the toilet would fade.

"I had convinced myself that I would leave it be and hope the nightmares would fade, but I worried that if any folk on the right learned I'd turned a blind eye (or blinded eye?) they'd raise all unholy hell about showing favoritism to the left," he wrote.

Then, a Democrat friend of his told him that Worley had actually provided in her letter a perfect analogy for the current state of the Alabama Democratic party: "Stuck on the toilet and it can't get up."

Here is the full letter sent by Worley:

Nancy Worley Holiday Letter by Kyle Whitmire