Diversity, in Context


As longtime admirers of Ezra Klein and his scrappy gang of Juicebox wunderkinds, we are dismayed to learn that “Project X,” Klein’s broad-based multiplatform transformative new media venture, does not appear to value diversity in the newsroom.

Washington Post media watchdog Erik Wemple reported Wednesday that Richard Prince, a prominent advocate for “Diversifying the Face of American Journalism,” has raised questions about the racial diversity at Project X.

To his credit, Klein’s response should be held as the gold standard of comebacks/apologies for liberals caught in an act of homogeny.

The Diversity Racket

Controversial speaker hired by more government agencies than previously thought, records show
Samuel Betances / Facebook

Millions of dollars in federal and local taxpayer money have been spent on a controversial “diversity” speaker who has made government workers say the “pilgrims were illegal aliens” and excused illegal immigration because the U.S. “took over what used to be Mexico.”

Snow White in Chicago

Rahm’s City Hall lacking in color

Former White House Chief of Staff and current Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has assembled an administration noticeably lacking in diversity, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.