Man Nods Off During Clinton Speech


One man had a lot of trouble staying awake while Hillary Clinton recounted intimate conversations she had with her supporters at a rally in Iowa Tuesday.

Clinton jabbed Republicans for their lack of authenticity, to which the man, seen to Clinton’s right, closed his eyes and nodded in an attempt to appear conscious.

The voters that Republican candidates talk to, Clinton said, "never seem to reflect the concerns that people share with me."

At this point, the man is seen laboring to keep his eyes open.

"Maybe they just have hired a group of actors they take from event to event to event," Clinton said. "But let me tell you what I’ve heard…"

The man then fully closed his eyes and put on a half-smile, which slowly faded as he drifted deeper into slumber.

"I met a gentleman the other day in Cedar Rapids who told me that his prescription drug cost had tripled in the past year. Then, I met a mom at the same event who said her son has diabetes, and even insulin is getting much more expensive," Clinton said.

The man then tilted his head upwards, though he could not fight the urge to keep his eyes closed.

"Now, insulin is not some fancy new drug. It’s been around a really long time," Clinton said, while the man nodded slightly in a convincing display of responsiveness.

Clinton has herself been caught nodding off in the past, most notably at a historic speech by President Obama Myanmar. Her husband has also proved unable to fight the urge to snooze: he was caught snoozing at a speech about Martin Luther King.

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