Lena Dunham Shames Women Who Supported Trump

• February 10, 2017 6:23 pm


Actress Lena Dunham admitted during her Friday appearance on The View that she was traumatized when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the November presidential election.

Dunham appeared on the show to promote the sixth and final season of her HBO series Girls, but politics came up due to Dunham's involvement in the Clinton campaign and liberal activism.

"You recently said though that you're fighting for the rights of all women, including women who voted for Donald Trump. Why did you say that? What does that mean?" The View co-host Jedediah Bila asked.

Dunham responded that it is an "incredible problem" that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump.

"They are not only voting against the interests of their sisters, of women who may not look like them. They may not understood whose rights are just as important," Dunham said. "Let's also remember that they are in that case voting against their own best interests."

Dunham then analogized feminists to parents raising unruly teenagers.

"It's almost like being a parent to a teenager where they are so mad at you, they think you're such a piece of crap and you're like ‘I know you hate me right now, but I love you and everything I'm doing is because I love you and I want us all to be—"Dunham said before getting cut off by The View co-host Joy Behar.

Behar played devil's advocate, defending women that supported Trump by pointing out that many of them voted for Trump because they believed he would bring back jobs and help their families.

Dunham responded by criticizing women Trump voters for not thinking about women of all ethnicities when casting their ballots.

"It pains me as a Caucasian women to think about how many women didn't think about women who looked different or had different life experiences than them," Dunham added. "They didn't look outside their own backyard when they made the choice to vote for Donald Trump."

The hosts pushed back, saying there weren't jobs or opportunities even in "their own back yard." Dunham responded by blaming the men in their lives and saying they need to widen their perspectives.

"So many women aren't raised with the rhetoric of self-empowerment. The messages they're hearing from Donald Trump may be similar to the messages they've heard from their fathers, their brothers, their husbands. They haven't been given the message that they do matter," Dunham said.

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