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VP DEBATE: Mike Pence Steals the Show In Flawless Black Oxfords, Kamala Harris Disappoints in Heels

Mike Pence won the vice presidential debate on Wednesday before the fake news moderator could ask a single question. Donald J. Trump’s second-in-command “slayed,” in the parlance of our time, by donning an immaculate pair of black oxfords on the debate stage. Biden’s historic female running mate, Kamala Harris, failed to impress fashion experts with her lifeless pointed toe pumps.

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED: Kamala Harris Shall Not Be Criticized

Liberal activists warn media outlets: 'We will be watching you.'

Vice presidential candidates typically have to face scrutiny, and Joe Biden's choice, especially given the presidential candidate's advanced age and cognitive decline, will be no exception. He could have done the right thing by choosing his old friend Chris Dodd. Instead, Biden has selected an old rival, Kamala Harris.

Susan Rice: The ‘Own The Libs’ Candidate

Devotees of the "Own The Libs" movement know that owning the Libs is an all-encompassing philosophy. The Libs must be owned whenever possible and at all costs. When it comes to Joe Biden's choice of a running mate—expected to be announced this week—one candidate looms as the best equipped to own the pathetic Libs who naively believed the Democratic Party was too "woke" to nominate a geriatric white dude in 2020: Susan Rice.

Bass: I Know ‘an Awful Lot More Now’ About Castro’s Brutality

Potential VP pick praised Cuban dictator in 2016

California representative and potential vice presidential pick Karen Bass (D.) said Sunday that she "absolutely" should not have made a statement mourning the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in 2016 because she knows "an awful lot more now" about Castro's brutality.

Cop-O Research: Is Kamala Harris Planting Evidence on Her VP Rivals?

Kamala HarrisSen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), whose failed presidential campaign flamed out before any primary votes were cast, is a top contender to be Joe Biden's running mate in 2020. Curiously enough, negative stories about Harris's potential rivals for the VP slot have been popping up of late in mainstream media outlets. Imagine that.

Veepstakes: Biden Wants a Black Woman Who Will Stay in Her Place

'Now that the White House finally seems within reach, he does not want to be outshone.'

Joe Biden has promised to pick a woman as his running mate, and has faced increasing pressure to choose a black woman, but he also wants a VP candidate who will stay in her place and won't steal his spotlight.