Kamala Harris Is Rebooting Her Vice Presidency—No, Seriously This Time

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
August 22, 2023

Kamala Harris is once again rebooting her historically unpopular vice presidency, and as usual, the mainstream media are here for it.

Politico on Monday published a nearly 2,000-word profile of Harris as she supposedly put "the rockiness" behind her and shows Americans the real Kamala. Under the headline, "'I Can't Get Into People's Heads': Kamala Harris Tries to Reshape Her Public Image Ahead of 2024," Eugene Daniels faithfully reported team Harris's talking points:

Backstage, as she prepares for a not-so-intimate "fireside chat" about gun safety in front of hundreds of people, Kamala Harris is unscripted and seemingly at ease, no notes or teleprompter in sight. …

Now, there's a hope the rockiness may finally be behind them. And there is a concerted effort underway to ensure that she not only has the support she needs from the White House but that the broader public can see the side of her that—they believe—has been overshadowed by the toxic elements of D.C. To that end, her aides are trying to remind the public of that person, in part by inviting reporters to witness her behind the scenes. …

Aides say Harris' current, more fitting portfolio as the administration's front person on abortion rights, gun violence, climate change and civil rights will be front and center during the campaign. They view her key constituencies as people of color, especially Black voters, young people and women.

Kamala 4.0: Harris has been "stepping up," taking "center stage," finding "her voice," and hitting "her stride" as a progressive Amazon for the past few months, according to headlines.

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Kamala 3.0: In between Harris’s cringeworthy public appearances and damning leaks from her team, the media have been anticipating her vice presidential comeback since at least early last year.

Washington Post: "Harris team looks to course changes to reset her political prospects"

Los Angeles Times: "Vice President Kamala Harris is making some changes, but don't call it a reboot"

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Kamala 2.0: Really, Harris's entire vice presidency was a reboot after she failed to impress as a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

CNN: "These girls see themselves in Kamala Harris"

Politico: "'Harris Has the Potential To Change the Face of U.S. Politics'"

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The glitch: Meanwhile, the public's view of Harris has remained unchanged.