Scott Brown

Scott Brown to the Rescue

Massachusetts Senator to Selectmen: Don’t revoke license of taxi driver who went after GOP tracker

Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown wrote a letter to the Board of Selectmen of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, Thursday urging them not to revoke the taxi license of Morgan Reitzas, the Martha’s Vineyard cabbie who was involved in an altercation with a Republican campaign tracker last weekend.

‘Keep Congress Kennedy-Free’

For Sean Bielat, congressional race a battle against old money, old media

A Republican underdog looking to pull off an upset in a Massachusetts House race is hoping that a guerilla social media campaign can trump massive out-of-state donations, mainstream media bias, and dynastic power.

The Warren Report

Harvard professor, Democratic Senate candidate touts Center for American Progress as PPP Poll shows her down by 5

On the same day a poll was released showing Sen. Scott Brown (R., Mass.) holding a 26-point edge among independent voters in Massachusetts, his Democratic opponent appeared at a press conference for a far-left organization racked by scandal.

The Wild One

Elizabeth Warren stumbles as Scott Brown maneuvers in Massachusetts Senate race

Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has been outmaneuvered by her opponent in recent weeks, as she has struggled to recover from a series of gaffes and mini-scandals.

Mass Attack

State affiliate of George Soros-backed Democracy Alliance targets Sen. Scott Brown

Powerful national progressive interests fund the left-wing messaging operation in Massachusetts behind an anti-Scott Brown attack site, despite claims that the operation is merely a grassroots, local project.

Trail of Tears

Revelations of Elizabeth Warren’s 1/32nd Cherokee heritage raise new questions about her academic career

Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign faces mounting scrutiny as new revelations regarding her heritage reopen questions about her academic career.

The Warren Wreck

Harvard professor’s campaign hit by controversies surrounding heritage, taxes, record of partisanship, out of state support

Frustrated by Elizabeth Warren’s demeanor on the campaign trail and impressed by Sen. Scott Brown’s record of bipartisanship in the Senate, a number of centrist Democrats are endorsing the Republican senator in his bid against the one-time Harvard professor.

The Liz-Barry Breakup

Democratic Senate candidate and Harvard professor backs away from Obama’s agenda as election draws near

Elizabeth Warren is backing away from key components of President Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment as the 2012 Massachusetts Senate election draws near.

The Out of Towner

As Massachusetts Senate race heats up, liberal professor Elizabeth Warren relies on out-of-state cash while facing a likability deficit and the reluctance of many prominent Democrats to endorse her candidacy

Massachusetts Democrats recently launched a campaign painting Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown as anti-Fenway Park, in an effort to help challenger Elizabeth Warren capture suburban voters and win over an electorate that sees her as an unlikable liberal outsider.