American Bridge Follows Scott Brown Even While Canoeing

Well, this is creepy...

September 5, 2014

Liberal media tracking group American Bridge has reportedly assigned someone to follow around New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown--even while he's canoeing.

The Huffington Post labeled the stalker-esque move "boater outreach" and played off the potentially dangerous behavior with sailing puns.

Former Sen. Scott Brown (R., Mass.) took some time away from the campaign trail this week to enjoy the great outdoors, but he couldn't escape the sinking feeling that he was being followed.

A tracker from Democratic opposition research group American Bridge took his job perhaps a little too literally by following Brown, who is running for Senate in New Hampshire, as he canoed the Contoocook River. Law enforcement joined Brown along for the ride, however, with Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard taking point.

American Bridge spokesman Eddie Vale was similarly dismissive.

"Scott Brown can try to row row row his way from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, but he can't get away from being held accountable for his extreme positions," he said.

Media tracking has traditionally involved following politicians to public events and recording the things they say. American Bridge's advance into following politicians as they relax in a canoe opens a whole new set of questions on the whether the group's practices are ethical. Will the American public stand for such invasive tactics?

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