Scott Brown

Trump Considering Brown, Hegseth for VA Secretary

Pick will lead administration's effort to 'transform' veterans health care

Pete Hegseth and Scott Brown in Trump TowerPresident-elect Donald Trump is said to be considering former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown and Pete Hegseth, an Army veteran and former CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Anti-Free Beacon Reporter Forced to Apologize for Acting Like Smug Jerk

Local New Hampshire blogger James Pindell behaved like a smug jerk during last night’s Senate debate between incumbent Jeanne Shaheen (D) and GOP challenger Scott Brown. In an exchange many liberals are describing as a "gaffe," Pindell tried to make Brown look ignorant of state geography. "Sullivan county is west of Concord, not north of Concord," Pindell said smugly after interrupting Brown mid-sentence. (Sullivan county is actually west AND north of Concord.)