Sarah Palin

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED: Kamala Harris Shall Not Be Criticized

Liberal activists warn media outlets: 'We will be watching you.'

Vice presidential candidates typically have to face scrutiny, and Joe Biden's choice, especially given the presidential candidate's advanced age and cognitive decline, will be no exception. He could have done the right thing by choosing his old friend Chris Dodd. Instead, Biden has selected an old rival, Kamala Harris.

The First Primary in the Party of Trump

Column: Roy Moore, Mitch McConnell, and America's class divide

Moore Palin Trump StrangeRoy Moore's insurgent victory over incumbent Senator Luther Strange in Monday's Alabama Republican primary has been hyped. Not least by Moore's nation-state populist supporters online who see the defeat of the preferred candidate of Mitch McConnell and President Trump as a harbinger. Yet there are several reasons a Moore victory should not be a surprise.