Robin DiAngelo

American High Schools Go Woke

Consultants cash in on radical changes to curricula nationwide

empty classroomIn July, the leadership of Los Angeles's elite Harvard-Westlake School issued a 20-page confessional about the school’s role in perpetuating in "racism and injustice" and promised changes. The school, which sends dozens of kids to the Ivy League every year, will now teach 11th-grade U.S. history from a "critical race theory perspective." And diversity consultancies, which routinely charge six figures for their services, will facilitate the school's transformation at every step.

Anti-Racism Expert Robin DiAngelo Snubbed by TIME 100 List

'White Fragility' author became a leading voice on why all white people are racist

Every year Time magazine identifies the 100 "most influential people" in the world. The 2020 version of this list, published Wednesday, contains what some might call a glaring omission.

The Wages of Woke

How Robin DiAngelo got rich peddling 'white fragility'

Robin DiAngeloDr. Robin DiAngelo, the bestselling author of White Fragility, claims to believe in accountability. DiAngelo used to list the "racial justice" organizations she donates to as part of her extensive "accountability statement," including a monthly "land rent" paid to the Native American tribe which used to occupy Seattle.