Rob Portman

DSCC Abandons Democrat Ted Strickland in Ohio

Ted StricklandThe Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Friday cancelled all remaining television advertisement buys in Ohio, as polls have increasingly showed Republican Sen. Rob Portman with a solid lead over Ted Strickland, his Democratic competitor.

Major Union Sits Out Ohio Senate Race

Labor union backed Strickland in previous elections

Ted StricklandA major labor union in Ohio is refraining from endorsing a candidate in the state’s contested Senate race, despite having previously backed Democrat and former Gov. Ted Strickland.

Conservatism Trumps Populism

Column: Everywhere but the presidential race

Paul Ryan, John McCain, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Donald TrumpSenator Rob Portman of Ohio is not exactly Mr. Personality. He’s not a culture warrior or a populist firebrand. He’s a soft-spoken wonky Baby Boomer interested in budgets, finance, and taxes. He won’t be seen with Donald Trump but welcomed former boss George W. Bush to a private fundraiser last month. Also, he enjoys a significant lead over challenger Ted Strickland.