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Jamaal Bowman Accused Israel of Genocide. Now, Vandals Are Defacing Jewish Businesses in His District With the Same Message.

Left-wing congressman condemns 'stoking divisions and hatred' after saying Israel committed 'ethnic cleansing'

January 25, 2024

Disney Reverses Course and Agrees To Meet With Uyghur Genocide Victims

About-face follows Free Beacon report that Disney executives reneged on offer to meet Uyghur groups

June 6, 2023

Disney Reneges on Meeting with Uyghur Genocide Victims, Lawmakers Say

'It’s time for Disney to own up to its mistakes and make amends'

May 11, 2023

Uyghur Activists Want Biden Admin To Press China for Answers on Deadly Building Fire

China says only 10 died, but activists believe number actually in the dozens

November 29, 2022

UN Takes Almost a Year To Say That China's Genocide Could Be a Crime

Human rights commissioner Michelle Bachelet delayed report to prioritize 'reaching agreement with Beijing'

September 1, 2022

'Half Measure': GOP Senator Slams Biden for Limited Olympic Boycott

A diplomatic boycott means the United States will send athletes but not government officials

December 6, 2021