ALERT: Pro-Hamas Activist Is Also Secret Neocon

'I hope someone drops a bomb on this entire building,' left-wing political commentator Briahna Joy Gray said.

June 5, 2024

Briahna Joy Gray is a left-wing political commentator and former corporate attorney who served as national press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in 2016. She has come under fire in recent weeks for attacking Israel and promoting Hamas propaganda. Gray, for example, has argued that Hamas, the anti-Semitic terrorist group whose fighters called their mommies to brag about how many Jews they killed on Oct. 7, is not interested in killing Jews; they just want to "eliminate Israel."

Social media users have highlighted some of Gray's most controversial remarks from a panel discussion in Brooklyn last month about the war in Gaza. She responded by accusing the panel moderator, podcaster Konstantin Kisin, of being "anti-Black." Subsequent reporting on the "Dissident Dialogues" summit where the panel discussion took place has revealed at least one interesting detail about the pro-Hamas activist: She might be a secret neocon?

After denouncing the summit audience as "racist" and "disgusting," Gray told Kisin she hoped "someone [would] drop a bomb on this entire building," according to the New Republic. The Israel hater's private enthusiasm for airstrikes on her political opponents is (potentially) at odds with her public opposition to dropping bombs on terrorists. Nevertheless, the Washington Free Beacon was pleased to learn that Gray's impulse after losing a debate was to unleash overwhelming military force on her enemies.

The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you love war.

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