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Associated Press Coverage of Courts, Climate Bankrolled by Dozens of Left-Wing Foundations

Billed as purveyor of 'unbiased news,' wire service strikes lucrative sponsorship agreements with progressive charities

August 29, 2023

Biden State Department Slaps Pronouns on Emails and Misgenders Staff

'Men are being identified as women and women as men. It's ridiculous'

May 18, 2023

Great Moments in American History, Revised According to AP's Inclusive Style Guide

Journalists urged to avoid 'general and often dehumanizing' labels such as 'the French'

January 27, 2023

AP Snubbed as Al Jazeera Wins Hamas Prize for Gaza Coverage

Both media companies shared office space with terror group

June 10, 2021

The AP's Empty Gesture

Firing the activist Emily Wilder won't fix the wire service's bigger problems


AP Hires Anti-Israel Activist as News Associate

AP's objectivity in question amid revelations it shared office space with Hamas