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Trump Defeats Pelosi in Vote for House Speaker

Beloved former POTUS trounces Democratic rival 2-0

January 5, 2023

Major Announcement: The Official Washington Free Beacon Digital Trading Card Collection Is Here!

All you need is an email address, credit card, Social Security number, and long-form birth certificate to start collecting

December 16, 2022

Taylor Lorenz Lashes Out at Younger, More Successful Journalist in Cruel Anti-Semitic Tirade

Washington Post reporter has history of targeted harassment against Jews

December 15, 2022

The Trump Effect: Inflation Slows in First Report Since Campaign Announcement

2024 frontrunner is already making a difference in people's lives

December 13, 2022

Analysis: Why AOC Is Under Ethics Investigation

The eight most likely explanations

December 13, 2022

FACT CHECK: Anthony Fauci Has 'Saved More Human Lives Than Any Living Person in the World'

Verdict: Not credible, lacks context, is demonstrably false.

December 12, 2022

Diversity Triumphs: Afghan Woman Plays Key Role in Taliban's First Public Execution Since Biden's Botched Withdrawal

White House has repeatedly urged terrorist group to adopt 'inclusive' approach to authoritarian rule

December 7, 2022

Analysis: Soccer Rife With Toxic Masculinity Despite Being Such an Effeminate Sport

Being a soccer skeptic is more traumatic than being a woman online

December 3, 2022