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This Harvard Student Group Wants To Combat 'Misinformation'—By Promoting News Sources That Peddle Hamas Propaganda

School's Palestine Solidarity Committee, which blamed Israel for Hamas's attack, is now blaming the media for biased coverage

November 15, 2023

Pressure Ramps Up in Congress To Revoke Al Jazeera's Press Credentials

Qatari outlet 'openly endorsing Hamas's barbaric ideology'

November 2, 2023

AP Snubbed as Al Jazeera Wins Hamas Prize for Gaza Coverage

Both media companies shared office space with terror group

June 10, 2021
al jazeera

Report: Al Jazeera Violating U.S. Law by Operating as Undisclosed Qatari Agent

Former representative Ros-Lehtinen pushing Trump DOJ to investigate Al Jazeera

July 8, 2020
al jazeera

Lawmaker: Revoke Al Jazeera's Congressional Press Credentials

Letter: 'Suspension of Al Jazeera's press credentials is not only in order, but imperative'

June 21, 2019