Affirmative Action

Student Group Sues Yale for Discrimination, Revives Trump-Era Case

Biden DOJ dropped investigation into discriminatory admissions processes

A student group filed suit against Yale University on the grounds that the school discriminated against Asian American and white applicants, pressuring federal judges to pick up a similar case the Biden administration recently abandoned.

Yale Law Students Said a Top Journal Was Racist. Admissions Data Suggest Otherwise.

The Yale Law Journal on Friday released admissions data in the face of a week-long pressure campaign in which activists alleged that blacks are underrepresented on the masthead. The numbers demonstrate the opposite, showing that blacks and other minority groups are overrepresented on the prestigious journal relative both to the student body at large and the general population. 

Inside the Justice Department’s Case Against Yale

Dispute over Ivy League discrimination will continue no matter who wins this November

The Justice Department's decision to threaten Yale University with a lawsuit over allegedly discriminatory admissions practices has raised questions about timing and politics, but those connected to the probe say they had little choice but to proceed when they did.