Mike Pence Offered Refuge to a Creature of God. Democrats Responded with a Call to Violence.

ANALYSIS: Republicans are the party of decency and kindness. Democrats aren't.

• October 8, 2020 12:30 pm


Mike Pence won the fashion and logic portions of Wednesday night's vice-presidential debate against Kamala Harris, who repeatedly dodged questions about her support for court packing.

In addition to the debate victory, Pence also secured a moral victory with his impressive display of decency, kindness, and respect for all of God's creatures—even the lowly fly. Democrats seized on Pence's decision to let a defenseless insect perch atop his immaculate head. They made "memes," a popular form of online content, and mocked Pence's boundless love of life with a call to violence.

Joe Biden's campaign staff forced the candidate to pose with a fly swatter, an instrument of cruelty that has been denounced by animal-rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and is extremely offensive to devout Buddhists who believe all creatures have a right to life. It's unclear if Biden even realized what was going on, or if the following photo is evidence of elder abuse.

As if that wasn't barbaric enough, Team Biden doubled down in an effort to monetize their hatred of God's lesser creatures. They started selling branded fly swatters in the campaign store, and came up with some epic puns and catch phrases to impress their lib friends on Twitter.

Failed political consultant Steve Schmidt, a notorious lib grifter who cofounded the Lincoln Project, tripled down on MSNBC by suggesting that Pence was possessed by Satan.

Speaking of Satan, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also chimed in:

A Washington Free Beacon analysis of the VP debate and the actions that followed suggests the Republican Party is the party of empathy, decency, and kindness, whereas the Democratic Party is not.