WATCH: Dr. Jill Biden Unveils Heart-Wrenching Campaign Ad

If your loved one (or president) suffers from agitation in Alzheimer's dementia, seek help today

September 8, 2023

If your loved one (or president) with dementia or Alzheimer's disease has become agitated, it's not their fault.

That's the message of a new campaign video produced (we presume) by Dr. First Lady Jill Biden, Ed.D., which seeks to reassure Americans with elderly relatives (or presidents) suffering from cognitive decline. The video was exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon prior to its release nationwide.

Individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's are prone to agitation and other violent behavior "beyond their control," according to science. President Joe Biden, for example, has reportedly terrified White House staffers with his "quick-trigger temper" and foul-mouthed eruptions. These have caused some aides to "avoid meeting alone with him."

Fret not, America. It's not too late to get your loved ones (or president) the help and support they need so that they will no longer be a danger to themselves or their country.

Brain Rage: Biden's Violent Temper a Common Symptom of Dementia, Alzheimer's