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Creepy Joe Strikes Again

Critics slam Biden's handsy embrace of Eva Longoria at the White House

June 16, 2023

Wednesday Is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Please Don't Make Joe Biden Run Again.

Dr. Jill and Democratic accomplices continue to evade justice for their crimes

June 14, 2023

Embattled Soros-Backed U.S. Attorney Resigns Following DOJ Ethics Investigation

Rachael Rollins will leave her post as the Massachusetts U.S. attorney on Friday

May 17, 2023

Joe Biden Doesn't Want to Eat His Veggies Like a Big Boy: Report

80-year-old president eats 'like a child,' laments staff just trying to keep him alive until Election Day

May 8, 2023

Jill Biden Goes Full Karen, Demands Affirmative Action for White Basketball Players

'We not giving out participation trophies': First Lady denounced as a 'sick' 'racist' for suggesting NCAA losers visit White House

April 4, 2023