Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Turns 18, Can Be Tried as Adult

• January 5, 2021 1:10 pm


Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist and esteemed scofflaw, celebrated her 18th birthday on Sunday, meaning she is now old enough to be tried as an adult in U.S. criminal courts.

The timing could not be better for Thunberg, who has become the world's most prominent advocate for truancy since skipping school to protest "climate change" in 2018.

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Kamala Harris, the world's most prominent advocate for punishing child truants and their families, has yet to be sworn in as vice president. Thunberg's age will inevitably complicate Harris's efforts to prosecute the (former) child activist for her crimes.

As if to taunt Harris for her failure to administer justice, Thunberg tweeted a photo of herself using a hand gesture (thumbs up) that has links to white supremacy. She planned to celebrate her legal adulthood by hanging out at a pub and "exposing all the dark secrets" about her climate activism as well as the "school strike conspiracy" she has orchestrated for years.

Being an adult means Thunberg can continue to skip school without fear of legal repercussions, but it also means she can no longer use "I'm just a kid" as an excuse for being a public nuisance. Here's hoping Harris has what it takes to ensure that justice and the rule of law prevail.

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