The John Fetterman Nazi Scandal No One's Talking About

Hiding in plain sight: Tattooed skinhead and prolific internet troll with ties to anti-Semites shows true colors at eugenics rally

September 13, 2022

John Fetterman's candidacy for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania has been plagued by a multitude of scandals. On Monday the Washington Post editorial board slammed the Democrat for his reluctance to debate his GOP opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and for concealing details about the near-fatal stroke he suffered in May. Many voters continue to express concern about the judgment of a "male Karen" who once held an innocent black jogger at gunpoint and willingly exposed his children to an Anime character best known for grooming an enslaved child.

Because mainstream media outlets have generally gone out of their way to shield Fetterman from criticism, the Washington Free Beacon has been forced to act unilaterally when it comes to exposing the truth about the Democratic candidate. Most journalists feel morally obligated to help Democrats win elections, which is why they have refused to cover what is perhaps the most shocking development of the 2022 election: Fetterman giving what appeared to be a Nazi salute at a campaign event earlier this week.

Fetterman made the offensive gesture at a pro-abortion rally in Blue Bell. It's worth noting that early abortion advocates such as Margaret Sanger, who founded the organization that would eventually become the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, was a prominent supporter of the eugenics movement, which aimed to improve the gene pool of the human race by eliminating individuals deemed to be inferior. The Nazis also loved eugenics.

Some anti-bigotry experts have pointed out that Fetterman fits the profile of a modern day Nazi. Like Fetterman, they typically have shaved heads and multiple tattoos. Like Fetterman, they tend to be very active online and frequently engage in obnoxious behavior sometimes referred to as "trolling." Like Fetterman, neo-Nazis tend to associate themselves with individuals who hate Jews. The Free Beacon reported on Tuesday that one of the non-profits Fetterman started (with help from his rich dad) hosted an anti-Israel art exhibit that promoted egregious falsehoods about the Jewish State.

Mainstream journalists claim to oppose fascism, yet have thus far declined to investigate Fetterman's affection for the Nazi regime. Given how they reacted—hysterically—when Fox News host Laura Ingraham appeared to give a Nazi salute at the Republican National Convention in 2016, the media's silence on this matter is tantamount to an explicit endorsement of racial hatred.