In Contrast to Obama, Trump's Healthy Lifestyle Sets Positive Example for America's Youth

November 12, 2020

Editor's Note: The controversial views expressed in this article, which depict smoking as a vice rather than a virtue, do not necessarily reflect the views of the Free Beacon editorial staff. 

President Donald J. Trump has worked tirelessly over the past four years to alleviate the damage inflicted by his controversial predecessor, Barack Obama. This heroic effort to undo the Obama legacy has involved policy achievements as well as Trump's personal commitment to healthy living in order to set a more positive example for America's children.

The leaked contents of Obama's forthcoming memoir, published by CNN on Thursday, contain alarming details about how "the stress of the White House" enabled some of his "bad tendencies," such as his smoking addiction.

According to CNN, Obama writes "somewhat lightheartedly" about inhaling as many as 10 cancer-causing cigarettes a day and seeking out a "discreet location to grab an evening smoke" at the White House. He claims to have quit his cigarette habit by becoming addicted to nicotine gum, which he chewed "ceaselessly" after one of his daughters "frowned" after "smelling cigarettes on my breath."

The 768-page book, titled A Promised Land, is the first of two volumes and is due out later this month. Obama, who has already written two memoirs, will become the first U.S. president since Dwight Eisenhower to publish a multi-volume memoir about his time in office.

The revelations about Obama's smoking and nicotine addictions reinforce a hard truth that most liberals have been loath to accept: Obama was a terrible role model for our nation's children. In addition to being bad at sports, he also pursued an unhealthy lifestyle that impressionable youngsters might be tempted to emulate. Given his position of great influence, Obama's behavior was nothing short of irresponsible.

Trump's decision to emphasize healthy habits is another example of his dedication to making this country great again. He promoted the benefits of exercise by playing golf far more often than his predecessor and never touched alcohol or cigarettes. Unlike Obama, he chose to believe in science, which tells us that drinking and smoking are bad for you.

Trump's so-called "vices"—partaking in the occasional diet soft drink or fast food meal—were extensively reported in the press, whereas Obama's smoking appears to have been swept under the rug, just like John F. Kennedy's depraved philandering. The complicit media allowed rumors of Obama's physical prowess to persist without the slightest concern for the truth.

It is too early to say whether Trump will go down as the most successful president in American history. But even his liberal critics must acknowledge that his tireless effort to reverse the damage caused by Obama's disdain for scientifically approved healthy habits, such as not smoking, is one of his most laudable achievements.

Thank you, President Trump!