Waters: Kavanaugh ‘Won’t Rest Easy’ Because ‘Women Will Continue to Confront’ Him

• October 16, 2018 4:02 pm


Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) said over the weekend that women have to rest from the "heartbreak" of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court so they can work to keep him from resting easy.

In a clip flagged by the NTK Network, Waters told Black Hollywood Live that those feeling dejected about Kavanaugh should remember that times will get better. Specifically, she called on women not to "recede" even though Kavanaugh has become a justice on the Supreme Court.

"It was heartbreaking. But I think women are not going to recede," Waters said. "Women are going to continue to confront what took place in that confirmation and him. And he won't rest easy in his job."

Kavanaugh has apparently not rested easy since the confirmation process got underway, as he was accused of various sex crimes by multiple women who came forward just before the Senate was set to hold a vote on his confirmation. Kavanaugh denied the allegations, none which could be corroborated by those named as witnesses, leading many feminist activists and critics of his judicial philosophy to ramp up protests.

Despite forcing Republican officials out of restaurants, issuing threats, and banging on the Supreme Court door, Kavanaugh has joined the nation's highest court.

Waters said the federal judge's confirmation is disappointing but should not stop activists from continuing protests.

"As we go through life, we're going to have the good times and we're going to have the not so good times," Waters said. "You know, even if you're feeling a little down, get a good night's rest and get up and get ready to go all over again. Never stop. And that is what we have to do with what happened with Kavanaugh and this confirmation process."

Waters has encouraged harassment of public officials in the past, famously telling supporters to "create a crowd" when they see Republican officials to "tell them they're not welcome." This comment led to some censure from leaders in the Democratic Party, but Waters said she will continue to back such direct action.

Waters has been one of the leading voices in the Democratic Party calling for lawmakers to impeach President Donald Trump, and some in the Democratic base are demanding that Kavanaugh be impeached as well. Waters has so far not definitively supported that course of action.

Trump, who has criticized Waters in the past for being unintelligent, said the way Democrats have protested Kavanaugh has made them a "mob."