The Real Bitter Clinger Is Hillary Clinton

May 22, 2018

Hillary Clinton stated the obvious about the 2016 election while speaking Sunday at Yale University: "I'm not over it."

In addition to airing out her grievances about losing to Donald Trump in her bestseller What Happened, Clinton has joked about moving to New Zealand in the election's aftermath, called for the elimination of the Electoral College, said the election's legitimacy is questionableafter previously saying such talk was outlandish—and boasted about winning the forward-thinking parts of the country that produce the majority of the U.S. gross domestic product.

She says she gets overwhelmed at least a dozen times per day and goes "a little bit batty" when she hears Trump talk about how hard being in the White House is.

She's continually blamed James Comey, sexism, voter suppression, the Russians, the media's coverage of her private email scandal, and married white women voting against her under pressure from their husbands and bosses.

She's mused over and over about whether she should have called Trump a "creep" during their town hall debate, and she said his campaign was about appealing to flyover states where people don't like women and blacks getting ahead, infuriating red-state Democrats.

So, Clinton didn't have to say she's not over it. She's made that quite clear.