Taylor Swift Loses Tennessee Senate Race

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift / Getty Images
November 6, 2018

A high profile endorsement from pop singer Taylor Swift failed to give a boost to Democrat Phil Bredesen, who was declared the loser in Tennessee's Senate election.

Republican Marsha Blackburn, a member of Congress since 2003, was declared the winner shortly after 9:00 on Tuesday night. The race gained national attention after Bredesen, the state's former governor, received an endorsement from Swift, who was credited by CNN for "turning her Instagram into a get-out-the-vote fan page."

Though some keen election analysts saw a bump for Bredesen after receiving Swift's endorsement, there was no evidence that it had any positive impact on his chances to beat Blackburn.

"Unfortunately for Phil Bredesen, he’s not going to be able to just shake it off. Congratulations, Senator-elect Blackburn!" Garren Shipley, RNC spokesman, said.

Blackburn, on the other hand, was boosted by President Donald Trump, who visited the state twice to support her campaign. His final visit came on the last day of the campaign, when he visited Chattanooga.

Bredesen attempted to run as a moderate who could work across the aisle, but he failed to energize voters in the state. He started making excuses for his loss over the weekend, saying if he lost it would be because the "national Democratic brand is a problem."