Marsha Blackburn

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Nomination Delays Spur Pentagon Personnel Crisis

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Only six appointees confirmed by Senate as threats from Russia and China grow

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Biden Shortchanges Defense Program Aimed at Stopping China

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Lawmakers hammer White House for meager spending in Pacific Deterrence Initiative

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Blackburn Calls Biden FTC Nominee ‘Not Aggressive Enough’ on Big Tech

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

Senator demands more scrutiny of YouTube's content for children

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Blackburn: Cartels, Traffickers Exploiting Unfinished Border Wall Construction

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

'It's like an open portal for transnational criminal organizations to take advantage of'

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Ossoff Campaigns on TikTok Ahead of Runoff

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Georgia Dem takes to social media app tied to Chinese Communist Party

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Senator: College Board Gave Chinese Influence Op Advanced Placement in U.S. High Schools

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Blackburn demands answers from education giant over Confucius Institute ties

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Blackburn, Rubio Blast NBA for Covering Up Chinese Training Center Abuse

Friday, August 7th, 2020

'History will not judge kindly those who remained silent or were complicit in the Chinese Communist Party's human rights abuses'

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NBA Will Shutter Chinese Training Center

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

League operated center in same city as Muslim concentration camps