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Bredesen Blackburn

Bredesen Falling Short for Democrats

Cautious Dem Senate candidate falls behind as Marsha Blackburn goes on offense in Tennessee

October 25, 2018

Dutch Party Crashers Leave Free Concert Unimpressed with Phil Bredesen

'I wouldn't vote for him. He's got no charisma, no power, no anything'

October 23, 2018
Phil Bredesen

Tenn. Lawmaker Accuses Bredesen Campaign Treasurer of Hatch Act Violation

Bredesen's campaign treasurer is on TVA board of directors, appeared in campaign ad

October 16, 2018

Bredesen Spokesman: 'Gun Nuts' Are 'Biggest Terrorist Organization on The Planet'

Tennessee Democrat has attempted to portray himself as pro-gun, is opposed by NRA

October 11, 2018
Phil Bredesen

GOP Keeps Up Pressure as Bredesen Defends Record on Sexual Harassment

Bredesen trots out treasurer to defend record, fails to disclose her role in campaign

October 10, 2018