State Dept Dodges Questions on Coordination With Clinton Campaign Over Email Issues

November 2, 2016

State Department spokesman John Kirby dodged on Wednesday when he was asked why the department had reportedly coordinated with the Hillary Clinton campaign on matters related to Clinton's private email server.

Leaked emails that were hacked from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's account appear to show that State Department personnel took cues and guidance from the Clinton team regarding statements the department would put out and tell the press hours before the former secretary of state's private email server use went public.

Kirby refused to comment on the leaked documents during the State Department daily press briefing on Wednesday. When asked about officials coordinating with the campaign, Kirby said that it was appropriate at times to communicate with a former State Department official to ensure accuracy.

"Accuracy is one thing and making sure that you have all the facts, but working with the Clinton campaign to craft your press guidance does, or quotes that you're sending out to members of the media, does seem [to go] beyond trying to determine whether you're accurate," CNN's Elise Labott said.

Kirby again refused to comment on the case.

"When dealing with the email issue, is this building coordinating with the Clinton campaign on the message and quotes, guidance, that's coming out of this building?" Labott asked.

"No, no," Kirby said.